Welcome To GDS-Games.

This is a place Where I post all my images, games and updates.

Everything is free of charge: Images, games, etc. I will release everything on the last day of month.


  • I ask of my patrons support to to keep my hardware updated and to get me some free time(So I work on my projects)
  • No patron is paying to support any game. No one will be paying/supporting the Creation of Chloe18 due to legal issues
  • Patrons will get early access to all content of the site before the public release
  • 5$ patrons will get access 10th every month
  • 10$+  patrons will get access 3rd every month(may be early but never later)

Please If you do not agreed with this, do not Became my Supporter at Patreon


About the games:

The games will be on the new part of the site where Patrons unlocks(3rd,10th), that part unlocks for everyone at the end of the month

NOTE: no one is supporting or paying for any game or content on this site, this also applies to PATREON.



IF you agreed with all the above, please became my patron HERE:

All games Download: HERE



7 comments on “-READ FIRST-
  1. Vlad says:

    I’m already a partner. I went to the forum. I do not see the label “later” that my account will be transferred from the old site.

  2. patreon_8835323 says:

    Can you post a new link to the walk though? love the game but i know there are a few more things i can’t find.

  3. patreon_ says:

    I’m a $5 patron but when i link my account it says I’m not.